In 2012 the festival "Invasion" took place in the Tver region from 6 to 8 July, and delighted fans as the traditional quality performance of rock music, and new developments in the program.The headliners of the first two days of the festival were the group "DDT" "CHajf."In addition they were regular guests such as "Alice", "Pilot", "The King and the Clown", "Liapis Trubetskoy", "Kipelov", "Bravo" and others.A novelty of the "invasion" was a speech by Boris Grebenshchikov and his group "Aquarium" - he became a participant of this event for the first time.

under Rule 13 of the festival each artist played one of the songs of the legendary Viktor Tsoi, thereby highlighting its possible 50-year anniversary.A group of "Bravo" congratulated golden jubilee also their former lead singer - Joan Aguzarova.The
duration of each speech was about 45 minutes, during which they performed for audiences of all your favorite hits.

bright and long-awaited event of the rock festival was the performance of Zemfira, who climbed on stage "Invasion" for the first time in 10 years.Particularly impressive look her appearance on the stage - the singer brought to the helicopter.Surprised and image of the singer, has changed in recent years, and its repertoire.For a half-hour speech Zemfira sang his famous song "Sky, Sea, Clouds," "Cigarette", "Want" and many others.As well as the new songs - "Money" and "Not a chance."According to her, the song "Daisy", sung by her encore, was performed for the last time, and she has completed his speech song "Arividerchi."

festival "Invasion" for three days, was attended by more than 150 thousand people.In addition to the concerts for the entertainment of the guests were invented many different activities - from ice rink to poletf a balloon.And in the end all the participants of the festival pleased with beautiful fireworks.