Tip 1: Who is Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) - the famous actor-comedian, producer, screenwriter, television presenter.Born in the capital of Great Britain October 13, 1971 in a Jewish family.After high school, he studied history at Christ's College, Cambridge.Here for the first time and tried his hand as an actor, performing in one of the student theater productions.After graduation worked briefly as a model.His photos can be seen in many prestigious journals.Then, together with his brother, he founded the comedy club where he performed as an actor.Later he went on to TV, playing Albanian journalist Cristo in the show «Jack Dee and Jeremy Hardy» on the British channel «Channel 4».

widely known Sacha Baron Cohen was due to create an image of the rapper Ali G, an Austrian gay and leading fashion show Bruno, the Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev.The image of the rapper Ali G actor led the author's program on MTV called "Da Ali G Show," in this role took part in the filming of several movies and music videos.F
or example - the voice of Julian the lemur in the animated film "Madagascar", appeared in the video of Madonna «Music».Later, the actor moved to the US, where he continued his show in the image of Bruno on the entertainment channel HBO.

In 2006, the world rolled out a film about Kazakh reporter, racists and homophobes Sagdiev Borat - "Borat: familiarity with American culture for the benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan."In this project, Cohen acted as a producer, writer and performer of the title role.Mockumentary called the most violent wave of different reactions.Someone found the joke of truth, someone was outraged misconception of sovereign Kazakhstan.As a consequence of rolling film was banned in the Russian and Kazakh theaters, and Kazakh officials launched a campaign to adjust the image of the country.Despite the indignation and condemnation of Cohen's Kazakh public, the film was nominated for a Writers Guild Award USA, "Oscar" for best adapted screenplay.Also among the ten best pictures of 2006 according to the American Film Institute.

After the scandalous image of Borat Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno turned into a homosexual in the project "Bruno: Delicious journey across America in order to force a heterosexual male to feel uncomfortable in the presence of a gay foreigner in a mesh shirt."In the vastness of the former CIS countries comedy banned Ukrainian box.

earned worldwide popularity in the scandalous comic image, the artist said it will no longer serve in these roles.Since being recognized on the street, and it prevents his creative career.Cohen, however, will continue acting career, but in quieter roles.

Tip 2: In which film stars Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen - the infamous British comedian, creator of a number of fictional characters, each of which was filmed a feature film.All of these films - a comedy on the brink of a foul, which are regularly banned in a number of conservative states.
In which film stars Sacha Baron Cohen

most popular character Sacha Baron Cohen - rapper Ali G, Cockney suburb of East End, which was filmed the movie "Ali G in Parliament."In the image of MC Cohen also voiced lemur from the cartoon "Madagascar."Ali G - is not only a rapper, but also a journalist and moderator for adolescents, in which he conducts interviews on ostrosotsialnye theme with prominent public figures UK.Ali G dresses like Junglist, representatives of the music and image of subculture that emerged in the 90s on the wave of enthusiasm drum and bass.

Another fictional character and as a journalist - Borat Sagdiyev.Borat - a journalist from Kazakhstan, racist, sexist and homophobic.On it was filmed mockumentary "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."Interestingly, this character appeared in an episode of the film Ali G.In the story, Borat travels to the United States and talks with different people in order to create a documentary film.In the US, it looks episode of "Baywatch", falls in love with Pamela Anderson and decides to marry her.

Behind "Borat" was a film "Bruno" on the Austrian gay and leading fashion-show.TV presenter Bruno expelled from work, and he, together with his assistant and boyfriend Lutz to conquer America.In the film, he tries a variety of ways to become famous and finally decides that he needs to be straight.However, he did not succeed ...

Finally, the last film with Cohen came in the spring of 2012 - this is always a scandalous comedy "Speaker."In a press release the picture presented as "the heroic story of a North African dictator who risks his life, that democracy would never come to him so lovingly oppressed country."The main character - Admiral-General Haffaz-Aladin, ruler-dictator Wadi, countries in North Africa, oil-rich, who travels to the United States at the UN meeting.The film was banned in Belarus, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and other countries.

All films, except for "Ali G in Parliament 'were filmed Larry Charles, a comedy about Ali G Marc Maypod removed.

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