At the root of the famous modern dance today is a free area, which appeared in the early 20th century as a classic confrontation between rebellious concepts and canons.By the "rebels" of the twentieth century are modern jazz, Contemporary, contact improvisation, which embodied the idea of ​​any free expression and emancipation of the body and the soul.Modern, for example, has come as a reasonable alternative to the classical forms of ballet and contact improvisation is an interaction of several partners who organize themselves around a single point
Today especially popular take on areas such as electro, house, trance, tectonics and other types of so-called club dancing.Especially famous is the strip-dance, which is in turn divided into "Latin", "classic", "a
yrenbi" and aims to show the possibilities of plastic bodies in interaction with various objects and without them.Unlike strippers, go-go dancers use the body in the same direction "for show", without revealing it.
unaccustomed sight may seem strange not synchronized jumps, who under mysterious electronic music, it jumpstyle, are very popular in today's Europe.Follower of jazz directions is the shuffle, a special modern dance, originated in Australia and is bound to a variety of electronic rhythms overflows.
Popular street dance is dominated by hip-hop, which appeared among the workers of New York as a kind of protest against inequality.Today, hip-hop and its individual lines of break-dance - an integral part of youth culture, a part of the music industry.
Among current dance meet and quite rare and strange names for them, for example, are creep-wolf associated with any improvisation movement of the human foot, popping, or the progressive reduction and further relaxation of the muscles of the upper bodydancer, Hustle, tantsuemy of disco music and dance does not require serious training.
Today especially popular Latin dances, consisting of modern incendiary movements occurring rhythmic music and a variety of items including the famous rumba and cha-cha-cha, fashion trends ayrenbi and funk.
Whatever style of modern dance have chosen dancer, his movement must express personal identity, to bear a special burden, showing the mood, attitude to the world, life position.