Nugget from a poor family.This type of modern hero is very popular with the public.Justin Bieber - foreign version of the orphans of "Tender May".Only he had at least a single mother who gave birth to a son at 18 and was left without a livelihood.She and her parents played on many works to raise Justin.And it means no one is spared: the guy can get anything he wants.Hobbies sports (football, hockey) and music supported by all family members.Bieber says that alone has mastered several musical instruments.And it became popular in the 12 years.That's becau
se his mother believed in him so that he reside performances at various competitions in the popular on YouTube.There he saw the movers and shakers of the music business: Bieber is now producing a famous musician Usher.
commercially successful musician.Even before the first record album, Justin had a choice between several production companies.He was almost immediately dismissed his first manager, as soon as they are interested in the big labels.Justin Timberlake offered him his help in the promotion.But Bieber chose Usher.And not lost.Currently it sold about 15 million copies of his albums.And the singer often performs at the most prestigious events, the music gets prizes and awards.
former boyfriend of Selena Gomez.The Producers "Tender May" to the last secret of his novels and marriages soloists to warm interest in them female audience.Bieber did not hide their relationship, but also sings mainly for girls.Selena Gomez in America - the phenomenon of the level of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera ten years ago.Popular singer, aspiring actress and model ... with Justin for several years they were almost perfect match.
Hooligan and kicker.Unfortunately, the absence of a father near affected the nature of Bieber's not the best way.It is, of course, maintains relationships with dad, who threw him before birth for another woman.But I feel that no one can influence the 20-year-old guy who "blows the roof" of blame him world fame.Many people think that the scandals with night racing, partying and fights in hotels, strippers - is part of a deliberate strategy of promotion.Alas, it is not.Now Justin threatens imprisonment or to a rehabilitation clinic.All because he often came across a policeman while driving drunk.Besides, beat the driver of the limousine at the end of 2013.At the moment, Justin repeats many errors rockers and pop stars, which were inherent in their teenage years immediately after gaining fame.