history "Buranovskiye grandmothers" began in the 70s of last century, when a kindergarten teacher Galina Konev has created an ensemble that performed at the country club with Russian folk songs.However, much success was not, so the repertoire included songs in the Udmurt language, which had to villagers like.

Today the group includes 12 people, but because of their age and health status on tour leave only 8 participants: Granite Ivanovna Baysarov, Alevtina G. Begisheva, Zoe S. Prenatal, Galina Konev, Natalia Y. Pugachev, Valentina S. Pyatchenko, Catherine SemenovnaShklyaeva and artistic director - director of the village club Olga Tuktareva.The average age of grandparents - 68 years old, and th
e oldest of them 86 years old, and the youngest participant - 43 years.

«Buranovskie grandmother" act in the national Udmurt costume: dress samotkanogo of the material, many of whom have moved performer inherited, removable bibs, belts, knitted stockings and sandals.Required attribute attire - a necklace - a necklace of silver coins, among which there are instances of Catherine's era.

Wide fame came to the ensemble after taking part in the festival "New Song Ancient Land" and the Day of the native language, which was held in Izhevsk in 2008."Buranovskie grandmother" sung in the Udmurt language songs of Boris Grebenshchikov "City of Gold" and Viktor Tsoi "Star Called Sun".Someone from the audience took action on a mobile phone and posted on the Internet, then the grandmother became popular.They were then translated and recorded the song The Beatles, including Yesterday and Let It be.

In 2009, "Buranovskie grandmother" made on the anniversary of Lyudmila Zykina, and then signed a contract with the director of "House of Lyudmila Zykina" Xenia Rubtsova, which was to promote them on TV to take part in various shows, anniversary and combined concerts, and today is producedcollective.

In 2010, the ensemble took part in the qualifying round of the Russian contest "Eurovision" with the song "Long-long birch bark and how to make her ayshon" which took place 3.In 2012, their song Party for Everybody brought them victory in the national selection of "Eurovision-2012".

Almost all grandmothers, except Olga Tuktarevoy, retired.They are engaged in farming, working in the garden, caring for livestock."Buranovskie grandmother" honor and preserve the traditions and customs of its people.Their forces in the village of Buranovo opened a museum of national culture, the exhibits of which were items of clothing and household items dating back to 200 years.

In addition, "Buranovskie grandmother" to organize the construction of the temple in the village on the site of the destroyed during the Soviet era.This is a powerful incentive for the team, and all the proceeds from the concerts, tours and various TV shows, member of the ensemble directed to the restoration of the church.