Sonata is a variant of the chamber symphony, characterized by the presence of ideological significance.It can transmit various aspects of the spiritual world.The Sonata is clearly heard "the voice of the author," it is his self-expression.
The symphony reflects the different aspects of reality, a lot of points of view.Parts of the symphony are opposed to each other.They reign trinity of drama, poetry and epic.
Through this trinity of classical symphony can express humanistic conception of man.
Group motor-plastic genres including fantasy, toccata, sketch and perpetuum mobile.Music these genres has a dynamic nature, it can simulate different types of movements.
Toccata is the most prominent representative of the group, it suggests a single thematic material throughout its length.The Toccata attention is drawn to the moti
on and distracted from a specific object movements.
Study is dedicated to the development of one type of traffic on a particular instrument.His is a lot of sound textures, creating a distinctive three-dimensional effect.
Prelude music is improvisational statement gave rise to a number of its own genre: Fugue, arabesque, impromptu.Function foreplay - prompting a particular emotional state, which is characteristic of the introductory part.
fantasy genre gives the artist a lot of freedom in improvisation than classical prelude.It embodies the creative process in music searches.Often there is a dramatic tone.
Capriccio - close to the fantasy genre, but where there is an emphasis on the effect of surprise.The Capriccio presented interweaving fragments figurative world, lively music, and often imbued with humor.
Impromptu is a relatively new genre of music, transmitting vozniknuvshey suddenly thought.This feature gives the music a special tone.
Genre scherzo represents the beginning of the game in the music.It transmits the movement, full of sudden turns.This is accompanied by an emotional background and Scherzo, normally transmits the excitement and thrill of the game.
historical genre nocturne was associated with lyrical chanting the beauty and grandeur of the night.The texture of its harmonious, it conveys the feeling of a wide space and clear air.Dynamics muted nocturne that is associated with the magic silence of the night.
Ballet is a dance music of the same name.Intonation he empathizes with events taking place in the ballet, with music and dance does not obscure dominates.
The opera music has a dominant role.Intonation she empathizes with the emotional and ideological atmosphere of the story.It combined with some contradictions drama, poetry and epic.
At any drama there is a conflict, but there are lyrical epic generalization.These three aspects into each other.
Operetta is entertaining, it is endowed with a lyrical story and has a happy ending.She is not peculiar to the extreme: emotional turmoil, satire.The music accompanies the dance, which is a concrete expression of the feelings of the characters.
Suite is able to convey a wide variety of musical picture, it can capture the surrounding reality or emotional condition.Its mobile structure is flexible and functional basis is stable.
poem as a musical genre embodies the deep philosophical ideas.Usually, it reflects the epic events, painted personal experiences of the author.This lyrical and dramatic genre, the musical poem usually impregnated pathos and intense expression.