In 2012, the festival was launched on 24 April, a press conference organizers in GUM.Mikhail Kusnirovich, the head of Bosco di Ciliegi, SPEECH WAS DELIVERED beginning of the festival motto - "Culture of rest" or "repose culture."It is also a theater director, actors, writers and exhibition organizers presented their projects to mark the festival.
The program included the premiere of several movies.In April, the first time in Russia was shown the French film "1 + 1", tells the story of the relationship of the French aristocrat who was injured, and his personal assistant - who comes from a poor neighborhood.In late May, the cinema has been shown GUM Russian project - "Images of Italy", a documentary with the participation of Vladimir Pozdnera and Ivan
Urgant.This painting is a journey to Italy and try to reveal the specifics of this country.This film is a continuation of the documentary series, which began with ribbons on the United States and France.
Several theater groups participated in the event.In the theater "Moscow operetta" was staged musical "Fanfan-Tulip."Theater "Contemporary" presents his new production of "The Phantom perspective".Studio Theatre Oleg Tabakov has demonstrated performance "year, when I was born," based on the play Victor Rozov.
Much attention was paid to the music festival.In Gorky Park for a few days it sounded live music.Lovers of classical arias pleased speech Dmitri Hvorostovsky in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.At the same time, the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet pleased connoisseurs a new production of "Rodin".
Besides performances and concerts, the project went and exhibitions.It may be noted Large sculptures by Rodin brought from France, and an exhibition of photographs of the capital theaters.