first "Slavic Bazaar" held in 1992 in Vitebsk, then he has collected more than a thousand participants and guests from different countries.It was organized and were the initiators of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.The main purpose of the festival - to acquaint its visitors with the art of song creation of the Slavic peoples.

The following year, "Slavic Bazaar" took part FIDOF (International Federation of Festival Organizations).The geography of participants gradually expanded in 1993 and performed by musicians from Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Turkey, Slovakia and Kyrgyzstan.

Alexander Lukashenko - Belarus President - personally oversees the "Slavic Bazaar" in 1995.At the sa
me time he was awarded the status of the International Festival of Arts.The following year made a "Slavic Bazaar" accessible to all inhabitants of the planet, since it was broadcast by satellite.

Record festival registered in 2000 - he has collected on its stage of representatives of all Slavic peoples of the world."Slavic Bazaar" twice voted "the best festival of the year" for the mass and good organization.Vitebsk was held and the Assembly FIDOF, which meant the recognition of the highest level gathering.

to open in 2009 Avenue of the winners of the "Slavic Bazaar".XX Anniversary Arts Festival was held in Vitebsk in 2011.In the twenty years of its existence, "Slavic Bazaar" received more than 55 thousand artists from 68 countries.On stage, the festival was held 316 concerts, and watched them about three million viewers!

greatest interest among the guests of the "Slavic Bazaar" is an international competition of performers.It brings together both renowned artists and young talents who are hoping to be noticed by guests of the festival.Always fun runs children's music contest where guys are competing from different countries.

at "Slavonic Bazaar" and viewers are cinematic and theatrical works of the Slavic peoples.The festival program full of interesting ideas, varied and not leave anyone indifferent.

Vitebsk these days opens opening day in the open air, where you will see magnificent works of contemporary painters.Be sure to visit the City of Masters, to look at the beautiful products of folk artists.

The program of the festival held gala concert Songs of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.You are waiting for interesting events and other "Star Hour", "Theatre Meetings", "festival without borders."

«Slavic Bazaar" is held in a very picturesque location near stretched national parks, nature reserves and natural monuments protected by UNESCO.You will see the centuries-old pine forests, diverse wildlife, Vitebsk region.