Nekrasov's mother married his father, a poor army officer, without the consent of their parents - out of love, but in spite of this, their marriage was unhappy.As a child, Nicholas was strongly attached to his mother, suffering from cruel despotism husband.Her image - a martyr and hermit - Nekrasov carried further through the literary work, dedicated to her a number of poems.
Nicholas grew up in a village in the 11 years he was sent to school.Study at school was not given to Nicholas that was aggravated by a strained relationship with mentors and superiors school.But here Nekrasov began writing poems, which were imbued with longing and sadness, as they were based on the memories of a difficult childhood.
father stopped to help a young man money after he, contrary to his prohibition, after graduating from high school decided to enter the Faculty of St. Petersburg University.Nekrasov suffered terrible need without the support of family, a lot of hungry, sick, and lived in a slum on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.
After several years of severe hardship Nekrasov began giving private lessons, writing articles for magazines.His early poems were distinguished romanticism.Soon, to save money, he published his first collection of poems.At the same time he continued to work hard: writing articles and satires.
love for a woman is not the last place in the poet's life.Falling in love with a married A. Panayev (which at the time was in love and F. Dostoevsky), Nekrasov almost committed suicide by her coldness.But when he learned that she felt for him mutual feelings, she moved into the house and began to live Panaeva her civil marriage with the consent of her husband.This triple alliance had a large negative public publicity, but lasted 16 years.Their relationship collapsed after he died a child born Panaeva by Nekrasov.
After breaking with Panaeva Nekrasov had only fleeting romances, until he met a beautiful rural, uneducated girl Zina (Thekla Viktorova real name), who admired him, and taught his poems by heart.Soon they were married.The woman remained near Nekrasov to his last days.
Throughout his life Nekrasov treated satirically to all injustice and cruelty around.He was a master of irony, farce, the grotesque.His works are distinguished by the strength and truthfulness.He created a satire in literature entirely new - "Nekrasov" type.
In 1875, doctors diagnosed the poet diagnosed with cancer of the intestine.The last two years he was confined to his bed, which further increased his literary popularity.With poetic work Nekrasov did not leave until the last days of life.The great poet died on January 8, 1878.His funeral was attended by a large number of people.Farewell to the poet was accompanied by a literary-political demonstration.