According to the Statutes of the Prize Organizing Committee determines the nominators.It - publishers, critics and writers.They form a "long list" of candidates, pushing one product each.The organizing committee determines the composition of the Greater and Lesser jury.

This year's longlist includes 42 works.The members of the grand jury selected the six most liked.The short-list in 2012 were "Germans" Alexander Terekhov, "Russian sadism" Vladimir Lida, "King Solomon's Mines" Vladimir Lorchenkova, "living" Anna Starobinets, "Women of Lazarus" by Marina Stepanova and "Fra
ncoise, or the Way to the glacier" Sergei Nosov.

The composition of the jury Lesser mainly includes people not directly related to literature - figures, art, prominent politicians and businessmen.Voting takes place right at the award ceremony.In 2012 he became the winner of the absolutely predictable novel Alexander Terekhov "Germans."

Alexander Terekhov - a former chief editor of the newspaper "New time".Three years ago, I won the second prize "Big Book" for his novel "Stone Bridge" - a work that caused very mixed reviews and some even confused critics and readers.It is obvious that the author - an outstanding writer, and his book - the product is very significant.Roman found it disgusting, but, nevertheless, very important.

¬ęGermans" - a novel about Moscow officials - partly satirical work.Critics have compared the author almost from Saltykov-Shchedrin.However, the Terekhov did not consider his work satire.He says that his book is about love and about the brutal realities of modern Russian life.He earned praise as the language of the novel.However, the book has a number of highly controversial statements.For example, Dmitry Bykov calls the novel is not a step forward, but a leap back.In general, the "Germans" - the product easier and more readable than the "Stone Bridge".