Where and when was born Nikolai Gogol

Gogol was born on March 20 (New Style - April 1) 1809 in Mirgorod district, Poltava province.The birthplace of the writer became a place of Great Sorochintsy. Gogol's father was not the richest landowner Ukrainian Vassily Afanasievich Gogol-Yanovsky.

Childhood Gogol held in the names of his parents, which is not far from the village of Dikanka.They were nice places described in detail in the chronicles.Just an hour's drive from the estate was located Poltava field - the very thing which in his time was a famous battle.Historical motifs imbued with military glory native places reflected in the subsequent Gogol.

Influence of family o
n becoming a writer

great influence in shaping the character of young Kolya had Tatyana S. Grandmother.She learned the boy's drawing from her Gogol first heard folk songs Ukrainian land.In the evenings grandmother told Nicholas legends and historical traditions, among which were the tales of mighty Zaporozhye Cossacks, the heroic history of the Ukrainian people.

Gogol's parents were sufficiently cultured people.Father knew how to tell interesting stories, was a great lover and a fan of the theater.At one time, Vasily Afanasievich even was an actor and director of home theater, who arranged at home, his distant relative.Plays in the theater went to the Ukrainian language, and scenes were borrowed from folk tales. It was from his father Nikolai inherited the acting and writing talent.

Mother Gogol, Maria Ivanovna, was quite religious and impressionable woman.From her future writer first heard stories about the terrible torments of sinners, of the imminent destruction of the world and approaching last times.Mother instructed Gogol, punishing observe moral purity for the future salvation of the soul.Born in the mind images of the boy, inspired by the teachings of mother, reflected in Gogol's thinking about human fate and the need for self-improvement.

From Maria Ivanovna writer inherited a very fine mental organization.Throughout his life he was inclined to religion, piety and excessive contemplation.Children's experiences of boys folk pagan beliefs about witches, devils, goblins and mermaids also found a place in his works.Impressionable soul of the future master of words absorbed a lot of prejudices inherent in the people.