emergence of ironic detective in the world

ancestor of the detective genre, as you know, think of Edgar Allan Poe, however, and before him are known attempts to "odetektivit" plot of the book.The emergence of this genre caused an uproar that not subsided yet.Even when the genre began to develop and share in the directions. first detective novels of Edgar Allan Poe became "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" (1841), "The Mystery of Marie Roget" (1842), "The Purloined Letter" (1844) and others.

In postmodern detective genreundergoes a decline and subsequent amendments, which accounts for the appearance of ironic detective.By themselves, the texts are a kind of parody of the classic detective described a situati
on full of humor and self-irony of the character.

founders of this genre can be considered Gaston Leroux (novel "Enchanted chair", written in 1909), with Georgette Heyer novel "Fatal Ring" (1936).Hungarian writer Paul Howard (real name - Jeno Reit) for his little life (1905-1943) created several works, and became the most famous author's ironic detective. In Russia there are about fifteen of his novels, including "The Secret of the diamond coast", "The Three Musketeers in Africa," "Indian Summer bear hunter", "gold car", "The Adventures of Dirt Fred" and others.

Ironic detective in Russia

Russia, as we know, takes over much of the West.Not without this in the literature.Ironic detective came to our country thanks to the novels of the Polish writer Joanna Chmielewska.Her first work was published in 1964 - "Fight fire."And the author immediately won the hearts of readers.John worked for the rest of his life and died in 2013, left behind not only sixty of his works, but also a huge number of unpublished manuscripts.

followers of John Khmelevskoy can be considered the ancestor Russian ironic detective - Darya Dontsova.Her novels began to emerge in the late '90s and gained immense popularity.Her heroine, like the heroine Khmelevskoy, from book to book gets into trouble, sometimes even ridiculous, detective stories, which they had to unravel.

At one time, rising to a peak of popularity, Dontsov was exposed to attacks from envious.It was said that her team of writers wrote slaves, or that it does not exist.And all these novels a man writes.However, all this writer perceived with humor.After surviving cancer, Daria decided to change its core activities - teaching the French language - a literary work, and now it is the owner of several book awards.And to blame for a large capacity for work.

In addition, the development of this genre in Russia, you can pay tribute to authors such as Galina Kulikova Tatyana Polyakova.