mode Stalin total control

When people talk about Stalinism, usually have in mind based on the totalitarian rule of the system of government established in the Soviet Union in the late 20s of the last century and lasted until the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953.Sometimes the term "Stalinism" and imply prevailed in those days in the Soviet state ideology.

main feature of Stalinism - the domination of authoritarian and bureaucratic methods of management of the company, which later became known as the administrative-command system.The power under Stalin was in fact concentrated in the hands of one person.The leader of the countr
y enjoyed undisputed authority and supported his regime, based on the party apparatus, and an extensive system of secret police. Stalinist regime - a total control over the society, penetrating all spheres of life.

Establishment of a regime of Joseph Stalin became possible during the retreat from the Leninist principles of construction of the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet state.Stalin not only managed to seize power, in fact, pushing her from the party and government bodies, but also to deal with the opposition which sought to restore the principles of governance that have been laid in the years of the Soviet power.

Thus the Soviet Union continued to be the socialist state and the Communist ideology prevailed in the country.However, the dictatorship of the proletariat, which is the cornerstone of Marxist theory, actually resulted in the dictatorship of one man who was a kind of personification of the interests of victory in the revolution of the working class.

Fascism as a tool of the reactionary bourgeoisie

as ideological and political currents of fascism arose in Western Europe under the influence of the crisis of bourgeois society in the first decades of the last century.The birth of fascist ideology became possible only after the introduction of capitalism in the latest - the imperialist - stage of its development. Fascism denies liberal and democratic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are so proud of the bourgeoisie.

classic definition of fascism given by one of the leaders of the Communist International Georgi Dimitrov.He called fascism, open and based on terror dictatorship of the most reactionary circles of financial capital.This is not a power which is above classes.It is not the interests of the whole bourgeoisie, but only that part which is closely linked to the financial oligarchy.

Unlike Stalin, who in some way standing guard over the interests of the proletariat, fascism set a goal to finish with the working class and the most progressive representatives of other sectors of society.It unites the two regimes that both fascism and Stalinism, based on the total terror and the ruthless suppression of dissent.

If during the time of Stalin's rule have been partial retreat from the classical Marxist ideology is fascism in all its forms is a strong and open enemy of communist ideas.So to equate these phenomena can not be.