Russian Federation in its state system, judging by the fact that both the president and the parliament are elected by popular vote, it refers to the semi-presidential system.But in Russia the vote of no confidence not apply to the terms laid down in its basic law - the Constitution.In the current edition, he is treated as a "Resolution of the State Duma of no confidence in the Government of the Russian Federation."
possibility of making such a decision is stipulated in Art.117 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.According to Art.141 of the Rules of the State Duma, a motion of no confid
ence Government may be made to the deputies faction or deputy group.Its number should be at least 20% of the total number of deputies of the Chamber.Regulations stipulates that the proposal should be considered at an extraordinary session of the Duma no later than a week after its submission.
To exclude automatism and bias in considering this issue, defined sequence of actions during the discussion in the State Duma the issue of a vote of no confidence .Art.Regulation 142 establishes the right of the Prime Minister of the speech to the deputies and the deputies the opportunity to ask questions of the Prime Minister and members of his cabinet.Preferential right to comment on the resolution of no confidence to representatives of factions and groups of deputies.
Prime Minister and members of the Government have the right to demand explanations for word, but the rules limit its duration by 3 minutes.No-confidence resolution, according to the Regulation is adopted by open vote.According to Art.143, this may be decided by roll call vote.To decide a simple majority of the total number of Deputies.
to dismiss the government, the decision of no confidence in him shall be made by a thought twice within three months.In this case, the President has a choice - to disband the cabinet or dissolve the State Duma.However, in the case since the election of the Duma has not yet been a year, there is no alternative to the President.He can only dissolve the government.