In the Cold War was a grim prospect - to develop into a real war, "hot", the third world.Thus, it automatically meant the end to prevent a nuclear disaster and the death of all mankind.On this basis, we can say that in the Cold War won all.Even those countries that did not participate in it.

positive outcome of the Cold War

If we consider it as the end of the end of the confrontation between two political and ideological systems: capitalism and socialism, the victory will be on the side of the first.The collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp - the clearest proof.The model of the socialist state system failed to prove its viability.

positive result of the Cold War, for all mankind is also the cessati
on of the arms race.This allowed the world's leading economies to reduce and redirect financial flows from the giant military industries to civilian purposes.Now you can partially use military research and development to improve people's lives.

-defunct "Iron Curtain", restricting the movement of citizens of the socialist camp in other countries of the world.People felt a lot freer.They have the opportunity to travel and study abroad.

negative consequences of the Cold War

However, the end of the Cold War there has been a significant and negative impact.And above all, it is the collapse of some of the major countries of the former socialist camp and, as a consequence, the emergence of numerous international armed conflicts.

particularly dramatic disintegration of Yugoslavia occurred.Large and small ethnic war is not stopped more than a decade.In the former Soviet Union also periodically flared armed conflicts.Let not such scale in Yugoslavia, but still quite bloody.

However, there were not only decays States.East and West Germany, for example, on the contrary - united.

end of the Cold War, the related economic changes in the former socialist countries have also led to a significant deterioration of the material conditions of millions of people in these states.Conducted in these market reforms hurt the very vulnerable people.These were not previously familiar to them concepts such as unemployment and inflation have become commonplace.