If you have a desire to leave the party, then the first thing you have to write a special statement.Please note that it is made only to the Secretary of the nearest branch of the party (eg, regional or local, if any).It is not necessary at this point personal reasons that prompted you to reject partisanship.Although, if you wish, you can still make them in a statement.Do not forget to sign a paper to put on it the date and his signature.
then take the application directly to the party branch, located at your place of residence (if not local, then go to the regional branch of "United Russia »).With a sure and take the party ticket, since you'll need to hand it over at the exit from the party.
Once your application is registered with the relevant bodies, you will cease to be a member of the party.So stop the operation of all your rights as a protagonist of "United Russia », and you will lose all authority and stop the party perform the duties previously imposed on you as a member of the election and the central governing body of the party.It is stated in the Constitution Party.