Historical Review

Liberal democracy - a concept that is so often used nowadays because the now customary, once a phenomenon unthinkable and impossible.And this is due solely to the fact that until the middle of the XIX century the ideas of liberalism and democracy is in some contradiction with each other.The main divergence was going through the definition of the object of protection of political rights.Liberals sought to ensure equal rights for all citizens does not, and, mainly, the propertied class and the aristocracy.A person with a property - that is the foundation of society to be protected from the tyranny of the monarch.
Ideologists of democracy, depriving poor suffrage was seen as a form of enslavement.Democracy - is the formation of government based on the will of the majority of all the people.In 1835 came the publication of the work of Alexis de Tocqueville, "Democracy in America."He submitted a model of liberal democracy showed the possibility of building a society in which could coexist personal freedom, private property and democracy itself.

main characteristics of liberal democracy

Liberal democracy is a form of social and political system in which representative democracy is the basis for the rule of law.In this model of democracy the person is released from the state and society, and focus intently on creating safeguards for individual liberty, capable of preventing any suppression of the individual power.

purpose of liberal democracy - to ensure equal rights of every citizen to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, private property and security of person.This political system that recognizes the rule of law, separation of powers, protection of fundamental freedoms necessarily presupposes the existence of an "open society.""Open Society" is characterized by tolerance and pluralism makes possible the coexistence of the most diverse social and political views.Periodic elections allow each of the existing groups to gain power.A characteristic feature of liberal democracy, emphasizing freedom of choice is the fact that the incumbent political group is not obliged to share all aspects of the ideology of liberalism.But regardless of the ideological views of the group the rule of law remains unchanged.