Tip 1: Why do we need a census


census meant a purposeful process of collecting and analyzing a variety of demographic, social and political data on the population.It is a powerful tool in the planning of the state.So why do we need a census?

most important reason for the census - knowledge of the current situation of citizens of a country.The greater the number of data will be received in the course of his poll, the state will be able to more intelligently plan their domestic and foreign policy, the solution of social and economic issues in the country, as well as many other aspects of life of the state, depending on its specifics.

second important task of the census is to plan fiscal policy on the basis of the income of the population.Fiscal policy - an activity aimed at achieving specific goals in the context of state charges duties and taxes.The more objective will be obtained in the census data, the more the state can intelligently distribute the tax burden on its citizens.

Russian Federation imposes on a number of
social obligations, including: pensions, health insurance, free education and a number of others.In this regard, he just need to know the age, professional, economic data on the population.Currently, in the state acute problem of increasing fertility.In order to properly build a demographic policy, the government is important to know the number of the country's children in different age groups as well as the average age of women in the country.

Census allow to know the structure of the national state.The Constitution of the Russian Federation said that Russia - a multinational state.Any nation or nation has its own customs, traditions and customs.If you know what the distribution of people of different nationalities in the country, the government will be able to competently solve problems in areas such as religious consciousness of citizens, their attitude towards people of other nationalities, etc.

Tip 2: Why a National Population Census

Census population held once every ten years.With the help of state survey finds out what the real number of the population , how it is distributed across the country, what is the standard of living, education of citizens, knowledge and mastery of foreign languages. Census lets you know what are the sources of income as full citizens and their living conditions are available for each of them.
Why a National Population Census
government plans to develop the economy, possible methods for the release of their economic crisis that rightly ranks among the major developed countries.This requires information census data.On the basis of these data it is planned budget and prospects for the coming period.Accepted a program to build housing for the optimization of migration processes, to create jobs where it is essential.Based on census population reserved pension amount, the construction of new schools, encourage and support the birth rate.Only if there is information on the census can reveal the real number of scientists, PhDs in Russia.Planned budget amount of training places in higher and secondary special educational institutions.Determine which professions require state support and additional incentives.According to the census planned social benefits and their sizes, various grants and municipal aid.With the support of the birth rate - is necessary to consider the real picture of the life and find the opportunity to provide children with places in kindergartens and schools.All-Russian census gives a full picture of the workplace, workforce and business - an important and accurate picture of the final consumer.Each person who participates in the population census , makes a serious and valuable contribution to the development of social programs. Census in Russia is held under the slogan "Russia is important to everyone."Participating in the census population , every citizen can feel part of a large country as a whole.People come together in the interest of the general spirits of a large state.With full responsibility they give their civic duty, knowing that this important event is necessary and important for themselves and their loved ones.