in the state budget, as the name implies, itemized income and expenses in each country.Normally, such a document compiled on a calendar year, that is, covering the period from 1 January to 31 December.

public budgets is necessary to plan in advance, and then adjust the cash flows of the country.In addition, the state budget is necessary for the control of the government.It shall be entered on the plans of governmental bodies.To prepare the annual budget and sets the parameters of the economic activity of the country and outlines options for government activities.

Since this document is the basis of government policy, it is compiled, approved and carried out at the level of laws.Moreover, the state budget itself is essentially a law.

State budget revenues consists of the following revenues: income taxes
(applies to both individuals and legal entities - they can collect either the central or local tax authorities), income taxes (revenues that go into the budget from the real sector)indirect taxes, excise duties and other non-tax fees, regional taxes.Besides, taxes average about 84% of state budget revenues, revenues from non-tax fees - 7%, and revenue budget funds - 9%.

State budget funds are spent at the discretion of the government on the development of industry, agriculture, and social needs of the population, government, military purposes (defense), international activities, law enforcement agencies, science and health.

Governments around the world are trying to reach a balanced budget, ie one in which the volume of revenues and expenditures are equal.If the balance between the two articles is not, it may be a surplus (revenues over expenses) or deficit (spending more revenue).The surplus - is rare in contrast to the deficit phenomenon.The main problem in the management of the state budget - is corruption, which thrives in the budget.

state budget system of the Russian Federation consists of federal, regional and local budgets.The federal budget is drawn up and approved by the Federal Assembly for the whole year and has a view of the federal law.Because of the federal budget is a redistribution of the national income and GDP.Regulates the procedure for the formation and execution of the federal budget in the Budget Code of the Russian Federation.