term "political socialization" was introduced into the scientific lexicon of American psychologist and sociologist Herbert Hyman in 1959.Initially, this concept meant "vertical" the impact of the current political environment on the formation of human attitudes.The main source of (agent) is a family of socialization.In it, according to scientists, the child receives the first representation of the political system and the preferred values.Adult people build their lives in accordance with the views acquired in childhood policy.
However, at the end of the last century, the scient
ific theory of changes have been made.Scientists have recognized the decline of parental authority in the choice of priorities in adolescent social life.Moreover, the younger generation of the family is increasingly active conductor acts of political views, convincing senior as a particular power system.
This model of political socialization is called "horizontal".Its inventor, Richard Merelman noted the continuity of the process of choosing between competing systems, parties and movements.A man for life can make different decisions, changing their political views and position in society.Those or other valuables digestible citizen through communication with family and friends, as well as a result of the response to the media, schools, professional environment and other public institutions.
domestic political science in the process of political socialization is described as a man-system.On the one hand, the government disseminates information on measures taken in the society's views on politics.On the other - people rethink the received data and accepts or rejects the proposed political system.
on political socialization is influenced by several important factors: especially political relations in society, the nature of the ruling regime, the degree of development of political culture in a social group to which the person belongs.The final choice of those or other settings takes place on the basis of individual psychological qualities.
So, political socialization can be defined as a consistent knowledge and acceptance of political values ​​human society as well as the formation of skills to adapt to the political system.