in the Arab world under the name of the ruler and refer to the unit of the country.


itself the title of Caliph means that this is a representative of the governor and the secular and religious rule in the country.According to legend, the caliphs were the governors of the Prophet Muhammad.Caliph - the title of the ruler of the State in which the secular power is inseparable from the religious component.

Currently, the Arab countries have different forms of government.
example, in Qatar in 1970, a constitution was adopted, in which representatives of principalities - Emirates chosen from among its members the supreme ruler - the president for a term of five years.The president is head of state and has all the powers provided by the Constitution.


Dynasty rulers of Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates emerged at a time when their territories were settled tribes.Over time the tribes divided, they chose their tribal leaders - the sheikhs.Sheikh, who had a stronger influence than the other tribal leaders, strengthened his power, claiming the advantage among the other tribes.This process continued until, until one of the most powerful sheikhs founded from the family dynasty.This dynasty used the right of inheritance to control tribes.So the current ruler of Bahrain is a hereditary ruler of the dynasty, which was founded in the eighteenth century.


All monarchies in the hands of the Head of State focused single power, essentially turning it into a unitary state in a monarchy.This may be the king.As in Morocco and Jordan, Emir - the United Arab Emirates.However, we must understand that the title of "King" is not an Arab, it is brought by the colonialists, and those countries that at one time the expansion was carried out in the country, for example, the United Kingdom of Morocco.

in the United Arab Emirates since 1971, the governor of the state is the Emir of the country's largest emirate of Abu Dhabi.This title is a crown for the dynasty of emirs and passed down from generation to generation.Currently, the governor is the Emir - Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.All seven emirates, which divided the country, are separate administrative territories that are subject to the supreme ruler of the United Arab Emirates - the emir.


In some Arab countries, where strong religious component of the government, the governor may be called a Muslim religious title, which honors scientists zealous Islamists, such as the Ayatollah or the Grand Ayatollah.

often in the Arab States under the name of the governor of the state implied form of government: Sultan - Sultanate;Emir - the emirate;Caliph - the caliphate.