Fight for Peninsula

Military conflicts arise between Russia and Turkey more than once.In 1768, Turkey launched another war, taking advantage of favorable situation for themselves.However, the circumstances were on the side of the Russian army, which has achieved impressive successes, both on land and at sea. Turks suffered another major defeat after another, but still did not stop attempts to regain lost ground.

In June 1771 the Russian army defeated the Turkish connections and broke into the Crimea.The forces of both sides were badly undermined by prolonged confrontation, then Turkey has offered to enter into a temporary truce
.In fact, Turkish diplomats expected to prolong the negotiations to win time to regroup their forces and resources.

The Russian side, however, did not waste time, taking advantage of the diplomatic efforts.In November 1772, Russia signed an agreement with the Crimean khan.In accordance with this agreement Crimea was declared fully independent from the Turkish rule, and passed under the patronage of the powerful northern neighbor - Russia.

When hostilities resumed, Russian connections have taken the initiative in their hands and caused Turkey several sensitive lesions.The result of the confrontation was the Kuchuk Kaynarca agreement in 1774, under which Russia got possession of Kerch and Yenikale two Crimean city.In fact, it means for Russia direct access to the sea.

Annexation of the Crimea - Russian diplomatic victory

Overall, orders, traditions and customs in the Crimea remained the same, but the situation on the peninsula over time more and more heated.Politics Khan Shahin Giray eventually against him the entire population of the Crimea.Khan was forced to abdicate and asked for protection from Russia.Other contenders for his place was not found. political chaos intensified, once flourishing economy of the region is in decline.

Against this background, the Russian Empress Catherine II signed the document, which had historical significance.It was a manifesto of accession Taman, the Crimea and Kuban territory of the Russian power.It happened 8 (19) in April 1783.This document is not subsequently been formally challenged by any of the states.Even Turkey has agreed with the decision of his long-time enemy.So Russia has won an important military and diplomatic victory, influenced the historical development of the Crimea and its fate.