Once the revolution has already happened.

Once Yushchenko defeated Yanukovich has the "orange" revolution, but it ended in failure: the economy began to decline, and the effectiveness of the new government did not impress the citizens.In the end, Yanukovych returned.
Russia holds $ 15 billion of financial assistance.

Government of Ukraine looked forward to the money, but the Russian Federation has decided to temporarily delay the transfer of funds to better times.Most likely, Russia will cancel the financial aid package - and then 2-3 weeks later Ukraine will have to declare a partial or a sovereign default.
the West was much discussion but do not give money.

collapsing financiall
y supports governmental structures of Ukraine and the government still unformed one has any particular desire of the country does not arise.Even in Greece, the time is almost martyred, and then to throw billions down the drain?
Ukrainians themselves unable to decide whether they should be in Europe or not.

According to recent polls, the votes are divided almost in half: 37% want to join the Customs Union, and 39% - for the association with the EU.
Russia holds a pile of economic trump cards up its sleeve.

Suffice it to recall the price of gas, which can always be reviewed, as well as restrictions on imports from Ukraine.
International Monetary Fund make to tighten their belts.

If Ukraine will have no other way but to go cap in hand to the IMF, it would have to agree with his strict rules of so-called "fiscal discipline."But the problem is that it could adversely affect the Ukrainian economy, but that is hardly the people appreciate the sharp decline in government spending and an end to subsidy tariffs for gas and electricity.
demographic crisis in Ukraine is gaining momentum.

Alas, even in the "dying of Russia" the demographic situation is much more encouraging than in Ukraine.And for the current Ukrainian politicians decline in population - one of the main obstacles to economic growth.