essence of the pension reform in 2013

Since 2015, Russia introduced new rules for the future pension.They are relevant for all Russians under the age born in 1967

As previously formed pension (up to 2014): monthly employer to deduct to the Pension Fund 26% of the official "white" wages of the employee.6% of them went on to form part of the pension accumulation, 20% was directed to the insurance part.Last, although fixed to the pension accounts of Russians, but was completely on payments to current pensioners.While the accumulative part invested in various securities and assets to generate income.With its competent investment, the size of future pension could be significantly increased.

Full 2014 abolished the state funded pension, all payments will be allocated to the insur
ance part.But the RPF will not index them below the inflation rate. In 2014, the Central Bank carried out the procedure to be NPF financial audit, as well as their licensing and auctioning so funded part of the pension does not go to them until at least 2015

During 2014-2015.Russians should decide - whether they leave the right to form the funded part of pension at a rate of 6%, or reject it and send all funds to the insurance part.In the first case, citizens need to choose a management company, which will implement the investment funds.This may be a public or private VEB NPF.

In the second variant of the funded pension is reset, but the state is obliged to index the insurance part of the inflation rate.In favor of this model serves as the lack of market risks for pension savings.

Which option is more beneficial in the long term is uniquely difficult to say.But now, statistics show that the profitability of NPF leading several times ahead accumulated inflation rate, as well as indicators of VEB. In 2013, VEB showed yield 6.71%, which is almost completely leveled by inflation. That is why more than 8 million people in the period until the end of 2013 transferred their savings in favor of NPF.Just a funded system is now about 27 million people., Is in the 36% of all Russians touched by the reform (75 million people.).

Who FIU relates to Taciturn

all citizens who have never filed a statement about the choice of the management company or the SPC, as well as those who have made a conscious choice in favor of the non-funded part of the pension, the Pension Fund called"Taciturn".In total, their number includes 48 million people.

Thus, among the "silent ones" can distinguish those who consciously made a choice (such expert data on the minority), as well as those who still do not understand the essence of the reform, or does not know about the changes in the legislation.Now all of accumulation "silent ones" are in the investment portfolio of the bank, where they will remain if a citizen does not decide to transfer their NPF.

If in the future, "Silent" decide to stay in the storage system, it is necessary to apply to the FIU indicating accumulative rate of 6%.And identify with the management company or the NPF.The selection can be once during the 2013-2015.