What cannibalization

¬ęDekulakization" - a term denoting political repression, apply to executive authorities in the field of political and social grounds.The basis for this action was the decision of the Politburo.

preparatory process

in 1928 in the newspaper "Pravda" published information that is made public problems of the village and the presence of prosperous peasants, exploitation of the poor.It also became known cases of non-poor and the workers in the party.In these same wealthy farmers were found large stocks of grain.Attempts to select stocks failed because lacking motivation kulaks simply ceased to expand crops and farm laborers were left without work.The process of dispossession had to stop arbi
trariness on the ground and call into question the existence of the kulaks as a class.

collectivization in 1928-1930 were carried out mass repressions that amounted to deprivation of rich peasants land, means of production, mercenaries and their eviction in the remote part of the country.Activists counterrevolutionaries were arrested, imprisoned in concentration camps.It was later issued a decree that prohibits the use of hired labor on the land and lease land.More than 70 thousand. Families were exiled to the North, 50 th. - To Siberia, 25 th. To the Urals.

In areas where collectivization was carried out, the peasants confiscated cattle, farm and residential buildings, feed and food stocks, household property and cash.For everything in the new location on the family issued to 500 rubles.

get under cannibalization could practically every farmer.Also under repression fell and middle peasants, and very modest means to accelerate the pace of collectivization and reporting.This rigid policy has led to a large number of victims.Approximately 90 thousand dispossessed peasants died on the way to exile, or died of hunger is already in place.

In 1932, this process was suspended.However, dispossession was stopped immediately.Evictions are now made on an individual basis, and the number of convicted persons was limited.In 1934, it adopted a resolution on the restoration of the rights of former kulaks.Finally cannibalization was completed after the decision of the Council of Ministers, after the entry into force of which the settlers were freed.