Browse parties must begin in the order in which they were submitted on the ballot.I figured at number one social democratic party "Fair Russia".This is a center-left political force.It supports advanced socialist ideology.On elections in 2011 "Fair Russia" received 64 deputy mandates.Party leaders - Nicholas Levich Mironov.Until 2011, the "Fair Russia" supports the policy of the government and was an ally of the "United Russia", but then went into opposition.In 2008, the party poured environmental movement "Green" .Liberalno-Democratic Party of Russia won the elections on 56 seats in the State Duma.The permanent its leader - Vladimir Zhirinovsky.Legally, the idea of ​​the party tied to liberal democracy, but in fact the brainchild of Zhirinovsky adheres
to national-liberal, pan-Slavic and anti-communist ideology.This political force has appeared in the Soviet Union, and the Liberal Democratic Party is the direct descendant LDPSS.Otnositelno young party "Patriots of Russia" could not overcome the 7 percent barrier.Moderate left political party is a supporter of patriotism and social democracy.Leader - Gennady Semigin.KPRF is the successor to one of the oldest domestic political forces of our time - the Communist Party. Party leader Gennady Zyuganov is .In the Duma 6-th convocation won 92 seats.The ideology of the party : patriotism, socialism, Marxism-leninizm.Sotsial Liberal Party "Apple" in the Duma failed to pass.At the moment, it is the leader Sergei Mitrokhin.The founder of the "Yabloko" Grigory Yavlinsky is currently headed by faction in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.The party adheres to the ideology of social liberalism and social demokratii.Propravitelstvennaya party "United Russia" was included in the State Duma of the 6th convocation under President Medvedev.After earning the highest percentage among the other parties, "United Russia" won 238 seats.However, the president of his mandate Duma refused.The ideology of the party is a social and Russian conservatism.The leader of the "United Russia" - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.Pravotsentristskaya party "just cause", led by Andrey Dunayev the State Duma 6-th convocation has not got.This political force adheres to the ideals of liberalism, neo-liberalism and liberal conservatism.