Identify the head of state.This step will immediately separate the democratic regime from totalitarian or authoritarian, aspowers of the head of a democratic state is strictly limited by law.Heads of authoritarian and totalitarian states are endowed with almost absolute power.
Analyze the party composition of government.Multi-party system is possible only in a democracy.In other cases, there is only one party or the (authoritarian), or any party has a significant numerical superiority in power.
Describe the ideology of the country.In totalitarian regime ah dominates one ideology and that democracy is characterized by political and cultural diversity.
Determine the situation with the rights and freedoms of citizens.In a democratic regime ie everything that is not prohibited by law.Totalitarianism and authoritarianism only allowed or that is not related to politics, or what is ordered.
Consider the presence or absence of the opposition of the authorities.In mode s political despotism of the opposition can not be, by definition, whereas a genuinely democratic state can be considered as such only if the oppositional parties.
Note the presence or absence of the secret police in the state.Punitive agencies are strictly regulated by law in a democratic society.Under totalitarianism they spend massive repression and an authoritarian regime e - secretly carry out political supervision.