Napoleon was the first husband of Josephine.For the first time she got married when she was only 16 years old.A young girl gave the Vicomte de Beauharnais - a wealthy aristocrat, whose parents Josephine considered an ideal match for his daughter.However, unfortunately, the love between husband and wife was not.She tried to turn into a provincial of Paris socialite to be a match for her husband, although she is given with difficulty.

young couple tried to strengthen marriage, deciding to have children, but even the birth of their daughter Hortense and her son Eugene failed to correct the situation.Josephine lived with her first husband 6 years, after which they came to the con
clusion that to correct a failed marriage does not make sense, and dispersed.

When the riots started in France, Josephine as a woman from a rich family, and the wife of an aristocrat imprisoned in the black prison.Fortunately, she managed to escape the guillotine, but Josephine suffered enough grief to the most powerful of its desire to become a marriage with a reliable, wealthy man who will be able to protect both herself and her children.That such a man was a young General Bonaparte, who became the new chosen Josephine.The woman did not stop even the fact that the fan was 5 years younger than herself.Moreover, she could not know that a simple general will soon become a great emperor-conqueror.

In 1796, Bonaparte and Josephine were married.It was a happy union, which failed to destroy even gossip about the love affair of both spouses.Bonaparte adored his wife and her children.He tried to do everything to make his family happy, and Josephine is highly valued.

However, a few years later it was found out that the young woman is no longer capable to bear children, and so Eugene and Hortense remain her sole heirs.For Bonaparte, became emperor at the time, it was unacceptable.The couple did everything to save her marriage: go to the doctor, the wise men and even sorcerers, but to no avail.And finally, in 1809, Napoleon was able to obtain a divorce, to withstand a lot of scandals and accusations and go to all sorts of concessions.Love between the former spouses remained until the death of Josephine, which occurred in 4.5 years after the divorce.