If you decide to become an observer at the elections , refer to the chapter IV «the Federal Law on Elections ».Thus, if you are 18 years old and you do not find yourself in the list of persons referred to in para. 2 of this section, you have the right to become an observer.
direction to the polling station as an observer in the presidential elections gives registered presidential candidate or the party which nominated the candidate.On elections to the State Duma observers seconded associations applying for seats in parliament.If you have a friend of the candidate, you can contact him directly.Otherwise, get the local branch of the party's political program which suits you.In order to become an observer to enter it not necessa
coordinates regional offices are usually located on the main site of parties.The site RDP "Apple" have the opportunity to immediately get directions to a site that you do call.Anyone can go online training for observers and to receive instructions on how to act in difficult circumstances.
Contact your local branch to find out how to find the representative of the party in your village.For directions you will need to present a passport.If you live in a fairly large city, where there are several polling stations, you can ask to be sent to the closest to your home.
If you are willing to take a principled stand, it is possible that you will have to stay in the area until late at night in case of conflict with the Election Commission.Agree with friends and family, so they took a direction on the same plot of observers from other parties.Together, you can much more.
media also have the right to send observers.You can contact the local newspapers to get directions.Try to find out how much revision is ready to support you if you decide to confront the violations during the elections.