Mass renaming settlements in India in 1947 were the result of just one of these reasons.After World War II the country gained independence from the British Empire, and then began rampant change of geographical names, not just cities.Rename India is still going on.So, in 1995, Bombay, a city in the west of the country was renamed Mumbai, and the name of the city of Kolkata in 2001 sounds like Kolkata, which corresponds to a Bengali pronunciation.
the Americas also rename the cities were not uncommon, especially in times of statehood on the territory of present-day United States.For example, one of the most famous cities in the world, New York, in the seventeenth century was called New Amsterdam, when its territory was placed Dutch colony.The city, however, eventuall
y fell into the hands of the British, who renamed it New York.
In the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which does not exist today, many of the cities that were in the territory of the country, called not like today.Ukrainian Lviv was called Lemberg, and Bratislava, Slovakia, and all had two names, Austrian and Hungarian.Austrians called Pressburg Bratislava, and Hungary - Dude.
These renaming certainly had good reason, but little addicted to juggling where the city names as in the former Soviet Union.In the history of about two hundred cities of the USSR and Russia have changed their names.It all began with the fall of the Tsarist regime, when, after the civil war, the Bolsheviks who came to power, began to rename the town, the names of which did not meet the new ideology.So, Nizhny Novgorod became Gorky, Perm turned into Molotov, Kalinin Tver, Samara Kuibyshev, Petrograd to Leningrad, and Tsaritsyn became Stalingrad.In total, this period has been renamed more than a hundred cities.
second wave of renaming began in the sixties of the twentieth century, when the whole country went rampant de-Stalinization, and all the cities whose names have been linked with the leader of the peoples, have new names.The long-suffering Stalingrad became Volgograd, Stalinsk - Novokuznetsk and Stalinogorsk turned to Novokuznetsk.
collapse of the Soviet Union and the refusal of the Soviet ideology has provoked the same mass renaming settlements, which was after the overthrow of the tsarist regime.Again became Sverdlovsk Yekaterinburg returned its historical name, Kalinin - Tiberias, but the main name change throughout the country - is the transformation of Leningrad in St. Petersburg.