What does the word "liberal»

words "liberal" and "liberal" comes from the Latin and literally liberalis mean "pertaining to freedom."When talking about the liberals as a supporter of social and political movement, it is assumed that the man was standing on a platform that welcomes the deepening and development of political freedom in the broadest sense of the word.As a rule, the liberal ideology unites supporters of the democratic parliamentary system, as well as those who stand for freedom of private enterprise.

In everyday life, the label "liberal" often given to those who show inappropriate and unnecessary tolerance of other people's behavior, which violates the generally accepted
rules and regulations.It is believed, for example, that excessive liberalism in the upbringing of the younger generation a negative effect on the personality of a teenager.Most members of the public need to do away with liberalism authorities against criminals and repeat offenders of social norms.

Liberalism in politics

Who can be attributed to the liberals in politics?We are talking about public figures who support and fully endorse the idea of ​​limiting any interference of the state structures in social relationships.The main principles of the liberal system of values ​​formed in those days, when the society originated and strengthened bourgeois relations based on free enterprise.

Liberal highest priority in social and political life considers the personal, economic and political freedom.Citizen's rights and his freedom to become a kind of liberal basis and starting point for the formation of a political position.According to the liberal politicians, namely the free development of all social relations allows us to construct a truly democratic state.

ideal of many Western politicians become a liberal democracy.However, today there is little left of the old free-thinking and free-thinking.The focus Western Liberal Democrats do not so much on expanding the real freedoms of the citizens, but on the lifting of restrictions hindering the development of entrepreneurship.Political scientists and sociologists say that the tradition of Western liberalism penetrate deeper into the economy, politics and culture of developing countries.