In May, Egypt held its first-ever democratic presidential election.In the second round came two candidates: the representative of the "Party of Freedom and Justice", the political wing of the Islamist party "Muslim Brotherhood" Mohammed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, a former commander of the Egyptian Air Force.Egyptian Most commentators agree that the election, the second round - it is a choice between the Islamists and the military, Islamic radicalism and secularism.But really for Egypt is not much difference in who wins, since none of the candidates does not have the effect of fullness, which would allow him to rule without regard to rivals in the elections.This means that still have to negotiate.

At this point no one can say with certainty who among politicians win.Each of them has its supporters, both candidates were given many promises.Islamist Mursi supports a large segment of the Egyptian poor, as the "Muslim Brotherhood" is not only actively promoting assistance to the poor, but really this assistance is provided.In particular, they are still under the regime of Mubarak were built across the country schools and hospitals for the poor.It Mursi won the most votes in the first round.General Ahmed Shafiq supported intellectuals and the entire population, focused on open secular state.Islamic radicalism scares so many, so even those who supported other candidates, and does not have much sympathy for the general may vote for him in the second round.Military overthrew Mubarak in the country and have full power, calling for people to come to the polls and promised to hand over power to an elected president.

In any case, the election will go to Egypt to benefit.Both candidates are well aware that the country needs a change, that is not the way of the past.It is necessary to adopt a new constitution, to implement economic reforms.The majority of Egypt's population lives on less than two dollars a day, so the need for economic recovery of the country understand both candidates.