history of the anthem of the Russian Federation

Russia for some time do without the national anthem.Then the ceremony of overseas ambassadors and other public events were held under the character or another church hymns.It lasted until the late 1780s.The time when the story took its origin Russian national anthem can be considered the end of the reign of Peter I. It was then that the autocrat has issued an order to perform the oratorio "Transfiguration of the march of Peter the Great" in all official state events.This made Preobrazhensky March the most important and significant in the country's musical work.

¬ęGod Save the Tsar!" - The first Russian n
ational anthem

history of its creation dates back to the end of World War II in 1812.Another name for this hymn - "Prayer is Russian."The words to this work written by the famous Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky.The first thing his performance had to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.In addition, the most significant event for the Russian national anthem of that time was touched him the Sun of Russian poetry - Alexander Pushkin. In modern Russia for abuse of its anthem can be sentenced to prison terms of up to one year or fined up to three hundred times the minimum wage.

The fact that the great poet of Russia has added to the basic words "Russian Prayer" two additional verses.This hymn was performed on the same day of celebration for the anniversary of the opening of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.This piece of music inspired so much of the Emperor Alexander I, he ordered the use of this hymn to all public events devoted to meetings of the emperor.Since then, the product of "God Save the Tsar!" Was a mandatory repertoire regimental band.

In 1833, during the celebration of the anniversary of the victory of the Russian army over Napoleon history of development and formation of the Russian national anthem got its unexpected sequel.Now a piece of music "God Save the Tsar!" Attained the status of the official anthem.The words have been rewritten Prince Lvov.This hymn sounded until the abdication of Nicholas II in 1917.The leader of the world proletariat VILenin was not inspired by a piece of music data.As a result, a decree was issued to replace the hymn to the "Internationale."He was destined to last for long.Already at the III Congress of Soviets, it was canceled. Anthem post-perestroika Russia was supposed to sound like the music, "Patriotic Song" by Mikhail Glinka.As a result, the Commission has reviewed more than 6,000 texts, sent from all over the country.I do not walked none.

history of modern Russian anthem

history of its development took its start in wartime: January 1, 1944.It was then on the radio sounded music Mikhalkov and El-Registan titled "Indestructible Union of free republics."It officially became the hymn sung in those or other public ceremonies and celebrations from 15 March 1944 to 11 December 1993.After restructuring the author of the national anthem, Sergei Mikhalkov rewrote the words to the music Alexandrov.In the end, the national anthem of the Russian Federation has been approved on 24 March 2001, after the signing of the decree by President VVPutin.