reason of the fact that this country was in debt and get out of it can only conduct tough reforms unpopular among the population, it is the heterogeneity of the euro zone.It originally entered the country, whose economic potential and structure were very different.Partners, whose economic development was clearly weaker, began to enjoy the same social privileges as those that held the economic power of the EU - Germany, France.

Greece, entering into this alliance, afford to live in a big way, getting into debt.According to the commitments in its agriculture, which had previous
ly been the foundation of the economy, have ceased to invest money - for the obligations of Greece was to develop, mainly due to tourism.Great strides in this direction Greeks did not do so, but until that time, the confidence of creditors.The crisis of 2010 has exposed the contradictions between social spending and exorbitant real economic contribution to the country.

Today in Greece runs the new government, which began to carry out unpopular economic reforms.The country has entered the hard saving mode: the average salary decreased from 1,000 euros to 600, is significantly limited by budgetary spending on social services, pensions, education, development of culture.

a result of these measures, the country started mass protests and strikes until the clashes with the police.This, in turn, is not added to the popularity and interest in Greece by the tourists, but added even more financial problems.

before the threat of default to the Greeks should have understood that the thoughtless waste of money leads to the most devastating consequences for the economy.Let yourself luxuriate in debt, give up its own production of goods and contain two unemployed per employee - this life is already behind us and no strikes, it does not return.Experts

major international banks have a 90% chance to predict the exit of Greece from the area of ​​the single European currency in 2013.And, although this measure is likely to undermine the credibility of the euro and could even be a signal to the separation, this measure is economically feasible.The promised reforms in Greece are carried out by low rates and reducing debt comes mostly only by writing off these debts.