The basis of the program of the new Russian party manifesto is Nikita Mikhalkov's "Law and Truth", which he published back in 2010.In addition, in its ideology it laid the works of the great Russian philosopher, Ivan Ilyin, Pavel Florensky, Berdyaev.The program includes abstracts and legendary statesman Pyotr Stolypin.

Party "For our homeland" led Mikhail Lermontov.He calls himself a direct descendant of the famous Russian poet.Here are many skeptics do not think it is true, as Mikhail Lermontov had no children.As symbols of new political associations are the least pretentious characters: an eight-pointed star of the Virgin, adorned banners warriors of ancient Russia, and the St. George's flag in black and gold colors.

Mikhalkov has officially declared that he
does not consider himself a politician, no one is forced to the creation of this party and the manifesto written by him it is not a program.The director explained that the basis of the fraction is the quintessence of his original thought and previously voiced thoughts about the situation in Russia at that time or another.At the same time he is very happy that there were intelligent people who are inspired by his statements.Their Mikhalkov believes the new conservatives, real patriots and statesmen.

Mikhail Lermontov called the new political structure of the party of traditional values ​​of the Russian state.In particular, its supporters as he Mikhalkov, consider the events of 1917 a national tragedy of the state, which resulted in lost the true spirit of the Russian people.Party members also insist on compulsory controlling morality in the media.Political association has already passed the necessary procedure for registration with the Ministry of Justice.