The concept of a good politician - rather subjective.Everyone puts their meaning in this definition.But in general terms - is a leader who meets the requirements and expectations of the population and express their needs.

In order to become a good politician, you must possess a number of qualities that the population attributes to the ideal leader.This image is constantly evolving in the eyes of Russians.Meanwhile, it is possible to identify a number of common features that characterize the citizens of the ideal leader.

Power for policies should not be an end in itself

politician must be able
to prove to the population that the government itself is not an end in itself for him.This requirement is inherent in Russian political culture.So, the analysis of Russian folklore and fairy tales, which was conducted by Russian political scientists, shows that the goodies authorities have not sought after, and negative - are obsessed with delusions of supremacy.In these sacred function of the leader is to protect against the negative impact of supernatural forces, which should provide stability and social welfare.Such requirements are still present in the political consciousness of Russians and on the basis of their respective estimated and actual policy.According to modern concepts of Russians, the leader of the state should first oblige the interests of the country and its people, and only then - on their own.

high moral character

ideal leader must have high moral principles to guide their policy decisions.The moral and ethical component is always present in the political request of the Russians.They are extremely intolerant of dishonesty and selfishness leader.

Opinion polls in 2000, the Russians would like to see the leader of the first fair, honest, humane, caring people, and so on. D. Now, these characteristics also play an important role, however, give way to the force parameter and personal activity.

political will and strength

Request for strong policies - traditional for the Russian consciousness.It strengthens the personal power of attraction policy.This parameter is characterized by components such as health, age, intellectual resources, psychological stability, ability to protect the interests of the country and much more.From the carrier power is required to guarantee stability.

Today, Russians primarily attributed to the policy ideal characteristics such as hardness and toughness.He was incapable, indifferent to its citizens, independent.He is expected ability to articulate the country's development and possession of strategic thinking.

Russians are not willing to put up with passive and indecisive leader.A difficult foreign policy situation only reinforces the prevailing mass opinion that the country needs a strong and decisive leader, conducting an independent policy and ready to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

visual appeal and charisma

inner charisma - one of the foundations of the formation of leadership.But according to ongoing research in the area of ​​the image of the ideal president Russians are quite tolerant of the Russians to external policy shortcomings.They are willing to put up with the unpleasant appearance and lack of charm.

Personal characteristics leader

other qualities that should have a political leader who belong to his personal skills.It has to be an effective leader, wise, able to assemble a team.