According to Russian law, a candidate can win in the first round, but if you type more than 50% of the vote.At the same time there is no threshold of voter turnout.But if none of the contenders for high office required number of ballots in his favor is not scored, held second round.To participate in it invited the two candidates who received the most votes.Thus, in the second stage decision depends largely on the people who supported the unsuccessful candidates.The one for whom they will give voice, has a better chance of becoming president.
in the history of Russian second round of presidential elections was held only once - in 1996.On the president claimed incumbent President Boris Yeltsin and Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov.Defeated President, already in power.
A similar law relating to elections, and operates in many other countries, such as France.Due to the nature of the political system of this country second round will be held almost every presidential election .This is due to the presence of several strong political parties, which between the vote in the first round is often distributed almost equally.Only second tour reveals the ultimate leader of the presidential race.
In the US, one can observe a completely different situation.There's still the XVIII century is preserved rather archaic two-stage election.When her people vote not directly, but defines electors who in turn voted for one of the presidential candidates.The second round of such a system does not exist because of the historical two-party system - candidates from third parties do not constitute worthy competition Republicans and the Democrats, so already the first round actually turns into a struggle between the nominees of the two major parties.