To understand who held executions in Houla, it is necessary to respond to such situations in a traditional question - who benefits?Beginning in April, according to the plan of Kofi Annan announced a truce in the country, its implementation should follow the UN observers.Despite the fact that both parties to the conflict have repeatedly violated the ceasefire, the total number of armed clashes began to decline.In this situation, there was a tragedy in Houla amazing "time", again added fuel to the fire.Western countries very quickly and unanimously condemned the Syrian authorities, were stuffing information about the possibility of a foreign invasion of Syria.Ru
ssia's proposal to first understand who gave a penalty in Hula, and then draw conclusions, were not heard.

fact that Western countries do not hear the arguments of Russia, it is understandable.Taking a course to replace the regime of Bashar al-Assad, they are trying to achieve this by all means.The technology is already well established, the latest example was the overthrow of the legitimate government of Libya.There the authorities, there is opposition.Between them armed confrontation begins, while with the help of the media at the western people form an opinion about what the opposition is fighting for freedom and democracy, and operating authorities are cruel oppressors.After public opinion is formed, a new stage - the direct invasion of the country.Thus, in the case of Libya, the country was declared a no-fly zone, under the pretext of the aviation of the coalition forces began to systematically destroy the military vehicles of Muammar Gaddafi.With this support, the opposition was able to quickly seize power in the country, Gaddafi himself was captured and killed.

Something similar is now trying to hold in Syria.The complexity of the situation is that the country has a very efficient army capable to suppress any rebellion, with the Assad regime has shown a willingness to carry out democratic reforms - in particular, universal suffrage was adopted a new constitution.According to some sources, Russia has supplied Syria anti-aircraft S-300, which makes it very problematic possibility of establishing, following the example of Libya no-fly zone.Finally, thanks to the actions of the United Nations started to decrease the intensity of confrontation, which is clearly not in the hands of those who want at all costs to sweep the Assad regime.It was at that moment and there were executions in Houla, which again gave the opponents of Syrian President the opportunity to reiterate the need to change the existing power in the country.There is information that all executed belonged to several families loyal to the president.Confirmation of this information will strengthen the likelihood that the execution of innocent people have been arranged opponents of the authorities.

Opposition Syrian authorities and the opposition continues.The tragedy in Houla did not last - it became known that in a village near the town of Hama, unknown forces killed over a hundred people.Against this background, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia will not allow the adoption of the UN decision on a foreign invasion of Syria.With veto power, Russia is able to block any decision in this regard.