role of family

In Russia, the traditional family is the foundation of life.The traditional family can save the succession of generations, cultural values, improving the country's demographics.It was brought up in a traditional family of the majority of citizens of Russia.

At the same time, non-traditional families, too, have a place to be.These families were before, is now, and will be later.But the fact that these families, too, want to be considered a real family.And they are right.After all, the family - a true microcosm, where all members must live in harmony with each other.

peace and harmony in the family depends on the mutual understanding and trust among its members.A mutual understanding and trust is possible both in traditional and non-traditional family.

family - is the cell of
society.What is the family, so is the country.But not in a literal sense, but on the energy level.Every person, every living thing - is energy.Family - is also energy.Positive or negative.If the family is happy, and happy country, and vice versa.

Some people believe that same-sex parents will grow the same children as they are.But this is not confirmed in actual experience.Sexual orientation and gender self-determination depend on the innate human biological data, rather than on education.


legalization of gay marriage in Russia is theoretically possible.But only on condition that the very unconventional family, not in words, but in fact they prove that they have the right to be called a real family.They prove that in such families also grow fully-fledged citizens.

is also important that people began to realize that the normal consequence not of sexual orientation or gender identity.And that representatives of sexual minorities also have the right to be normal people.To do this, by the representatives of sexual minorities need to stop complaining and to demonstrate that they can be kind, compassionate, creative, can do something good for their country.After all, these human qualities are highly appreciated not only in Russia but also in the world.

happiness of each family - is an enduring value.From this depends largely on the welfare of society in general and the quality of life of individual citizens.Legalizing gay marriage would provide non-traditional families the chance to be truly happy.And then it would increase the number of full of happy families.And this, in turn, positively would affect the whole country.