According to the organizer of the survey, if unwilling to go to the polls, Americans still voted, most of them would vote for the incumbent President Barack Obama.

Many Americans as the main reason reluctance to participate in the elections referred to his own apolitical.For example, the question "Who is the Vice President of the United States?" Is not able to answer almost 40 million participants in the survey.And only a few of them remembered that the duties currently carried out Joe Biden.Sociologists are concerned about this situation, calling it "a terrible phenomenon."They predict attendance elections close to the presidential elections in 2000.

also discontent among separate category of people in the US caused by the decision of the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Ro
mney states.He announced his intention to make his partner of Congressman Paul Ryan.42% of voters believe that choice is quite weak, 39% approve of Ryan's candidacy.48% of respondents spoke about the fact that the congressman if necessary, can take the post of head of state, while 29% of respondents believe that it can not.

According to observers, the nominee Ryan has spurred the campaign the Republicans.But the politician known radical ideas in the areas of social spending, including health care, can cause the rejection on the part of voters.

According to "Rosbalt" Mitt Romney's candidacy has presented 42-year-old Ryan before voters August 11, 2012 in Norfolk Virginia.At the same candidate for the vice-presidency to the nines criticized the economic program of Barack Obama, saying that Romney will return America grandeur, as he has great experience in the sphere of economic activity - he was engaged in business, creating jobs.

Another reason for the decrease in voter turnout is the very system of voting in the United States, a very archaic and cumbersome.The winner in the presidential race is determined by the Electoral College.As a result, sometimes there are situations that the head of the country becomes a candidate, who would garner the majority of votes in the event of a direct vote.