who collected tribute

Despite the fact that the Russian soldiers fought bravely for their lands, Batu's troops were stronger.This was due to the fragmentation that prevailed in Russia among the princes.They failed to unite in the face of danger, and as a result - the Golden Horde imposed on Russian land and imposed a tribute to the yoke.Thus, the princes were in vassal of the Mongol Khan.

Rus fell into the economic and political dependence on the Horde, one of the key points of which was the collection of tribute.Over 200 years of Russian domination of the Tatar princes bringing tribute, anyway - Horde output tribute.

Orda output collected from all Russian people and the land.The exception was the clergy.It is not taxed.The first census of the Russian lands made it the Mongol-Tatars in connection with the collection of tribute.Fa
ilure to pay tribute

considered heavy delinquent and severely punished, because the princes tried to pay regularly, so as not to incur the wrath of their land Tatars.The size of the tribute was completely dependent on the willingness and the will of the Khan, that is, was not recorded anywhere.In the 13th century collection of the tax on Russian cities engaged in tax-farmers-Baskakov, who are from the Muslims.In this connection there is rebellion, which often ended in bloodshed.It

including the impact on the decision to transfer the authority to collect the output of the Horde Russian princes.However, not every prince could receive this honor.Russian prince was necessary to obtain the label for the collection of tribute from their cities in the Horde.Initially, this privilege was only the Grand Duke Vladimir, with time - Tver, Ryazan and Nizhny Novgorod princes.

It is said that the Russian princes gradually began to use a shortcut to strengthen his own political position.According to historians, the Moscow Prince Ivan Kalita to collect taxes in the amount of more than that is laid, leaving part of the funds for the needs of his principality.These funds, he built the Moscow Kremlin.

After the Battle of Kulikov 1380 collection of tribute became more irregular.This continued up until Ahmad Khan did not try to collect the tax from Ivan III.It ended with the overthrow of the yoke in 1480.

About the size of tribute

Horde originally established to collect tribute in the amount of tithing, that is, a tenth of the income.Later census Russia stopped spending and the tax take to "plow".Tatars took for half a ruble to "plow".