February 21, 2012 Pussy Riot staged his scandalous action "punk prayer" in the temple.Girls sang the song "Mother of God, Putin Put", with crossed himself.After about forty seconds, the girls were removed by security guards on the street.

February 26 participating groups have been on the wanted list.Third March were detained Tolokonnikova Hope and Maria Alekhine, one and a half weeks later - Ekaterina Samutsevich.Since women are in custody.In early summer, they were charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, a group of persons by prior agreement, although the participants claim that their action was purely political in nature, and they are in no way want to offend the feelings of believers.August 17 wa
s sentenced: two years in a penal colony, although independent human rights monitors alleged that such an offense is an administrative offense and adequate punishment for it - imprisonment for 15 days.The court's decision has surprised and angered many people, including Orthodox Christians, whose senses, according to the indictment, they were outraged.

People all over the world came to the defense Pussy Riot, but so far their actions have not had the desired effect.To show solidarity with the scandalous singer and decided to support the girls and many Western stars perturbed state of freedom of speech in Russia and consider the detention of participating Pussy Riot arbitrariness and violation of human rights.Come on tour in Russia Madonna appeared on stage in his underwear with the words «Pussy Riot» on the back and cap, balaclava covering his face.Later in an interview, the singer said that he hoped that the girls would be released.Former Beatle Paul McCartney has written an open letter to Vladimir Putin, in which he expressed a similar wish.Singer Bjork has posted his account on Facebook photos of detainees girls and a comment that he hoped to see them soon in freedom and sing with them.In an interview for the site of the human rights organization Amnesty International Sting expressed his regret that the dissident musician in Russia face imprisonment and said that he hoped that the government come to its senses and allow the girls to go home.