media value to society

It would seem that if the flow of information are many and varied that it should contribute to the independence of judgment, to help in the development of public opinion.Which, in turn, is the engine of quality, progressive movement along the path of education, economy, culture - that is,human evolution.

However, recent events challenge the old assertion that "Who owns the information, he owns the world."Because the world has often false propaganda information created for a larger segment of its consumer.

Although, actually have the information fully, that is, to find a variety of independent sources for self-analysis and development point of view, today is quite simple: we need only go online and ask questions on any search engine, and then go out for a few site
sgood reputation, simultaneously looking to popular bloggers.

But it turns out that modern man, even experiencing hunger for information based on daily need to absorb information more often does not want to analyze it - devote themselves to seek alternative points of view.And he does not want to do this not so much to save time, many fear disrupt your psychological comfort.

Thus in contemporary Russian society was born a paradox: the modern media depend on the modern man who podsazhen for information from the media, but do not want to consume information conflicted with his expectations.Therefore, most of the Russian media consumers are satisfied with the implemented by the state censorship.This situation is called zugzwang: when there is what is not - this situation is hopeless, and inevitably leads to the regression of society.

media as an attribute

Once Russian media could qualify for the proud title of the fourth power.But due to the aggressive censorship implemented, at the moment, as in Soviet times, they can claim only the role of the daily required attribute - like a toothbrush, handbags or composting toilet.

On the one hand the role of the media has remained the same - they continue to influence public opinion and mass consciousness.But on the other hand, they do not express the real social interests of Russian society.

And meanwhile, without this attribute of modern human life is unthinkable, because even the weather forecast - it obtained information from newspapers, the Internet, radio or television, and not because of the people's will as it was before the advent of mass media.Moreover, the external modern world is so volatile and sometimes unpredictable, even for those who are on the favorite of the information resources are only interested in the weather forecast, sports or stock quotes, need independent media to, for example, without financial or other losses spend interestingand comfortably your vacation.