The terms right and left there during the French Revolution.Then, in the National Assembly on the left were the Jacobins, who were in favor of a radical change, in the center - zhirdonisty, is a supporter of the republic, and the right - Feuillant, supporters of a constitutional monarchy.Thus, initially considered leftist radicals and reformers, and the right - conservatives.

Today, the concept of left and right in politics are treated differently.

What are the trends in policy applies to the left, and what - to the right

to the left today are the ideology and course, are in favor of social equality and bridging the gap between rich and poor.They include the Socialists, Social Democrats, Communists, as well as those extreme manifestations as anarchists.T
he basic values ​​for the left since the time of the French Revolution is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

right to defend ideas that are opposite the left.They advocate the supremacy of the individual, which creates a natural inequality.Some of their core values ​​include business freedom and political freedom.Today secrete a wide variety of political views that are right.It conservatives, liberals, libertarians, totalitarians, and other ultra-right.

Another approach is referred to the right of the political system existing supporters and supporters of the current elite.At the heart of the left movement is opposing the ideology of power.

Of course, the division of society into the right and left in a diversity of political ideas and views is no longer appropriate to describe the contemporary realities.So, a person can have beliefs that are in a particular industry will be on the left side (for example, views on the economic sphere of the device), and with respect to the current elite - to the right.

difference between left and right movement

difference between the right and left movement is manifested by the following parameters.It relates to an apparatus of society - if the right to consider that the division of society into classes - this is normal, while the left - stand up for universal equality and do not accept social stratification and exploitation.

Various attitude to the property, which lies at the heart of these movements.Thus, the left in favor of nationalization and collective ownership.Whereas for the right of private property is one of the basic values, they are in favor of preserving the status quo of the current economic system.

to the left is unacceptable to strengthen and centralize the State, whereas the right is quite acceptable and reasonable.