projected the number of Americans who are going to vote for Barack Obama's opponent, only a few percent smaller than the number of his supporters.However, this does not mean that almost half of the population is really serious claims to the current US president.Today, the economic situation of the citizens of this country can not be called really bad, so they make a choice between good and still the best option.Nevertheless, Obama claims to exist as solutions to the current global financial crisis, the president aimed at reducing the income of individual groups.There are claims and to its political agenda of those who believed the Conservatives preferred course f
or the development of the United States.

most serious arguments of opponents of Obama related to the domestic economic situation.President being blamed for the increase in unemployment over the life of his reign from 7.7% to 8.3%.This problem has affected mainly people with low levels of education and to a large extent the result of transferring production of many products from the US to China.A wealthy Americans got another reason to be dissatisfied.For example, many insurance companies and well-paid doctors will lose part of their income after the adoption of the law on health care reform.Implementation of this reform was a campaign promise black president, and received a law specifically requires all Americans to obtain a certificate of insurance.It is paid in the United States and about 10 million people are not willing to withdraw from its budget the necessary amount.Experts believe that the adoption of the law would lead to the cheapening of the cost of insurance, and it significantly reduce income selling their companies.

Among other grievances acting president of people with certain religious views can be called, for example, its support for the widespread legalization of gay marriage and statements in favor of women's right to abortion.