Fill out an application for absentee ballot.It is mandatory to indicate in the document the reasons for which you will not be able to vote at the polling station in the community.There may be several, for example, being on treatment or detention as an accused or a suspect.In such cases, an application for an absentee ballot is written the administration of the institution, and you must sign and date the statement writing.
Apply to the election commission, assigned to the area of ​​your place of permanent residence.To comply with all necessary procedures for obtaining an absentee ballot to respect the deadlines established for the submission of the application.Depending on the type of election, terms range from 45 to 19 days or less before the date of the vote.Do not forget alon
g with your application for absentee ballot to bring your passport.
Take an absentee ballot and check that it correctly shows your name, surname, father's name and that it has a necessary props such as the number of the polling station.In addition, absentee ballots must be printed.One of the members of the election commission compulsory puts his signature on the card.
transfer the right to receive an absentee ballot for you, your close relative, if the person can not bring an application to the precinct election commission.For starters write a power of attorney to him and reassure the document notarized.If you're lying in a hospital and can not contact the notary, a power of attorney has the right to assure the administration of the facility.Your attorney should come to your polling station, taking with him his passport, power of attorney issued by you, and the statement you have written.Employees of the election committee should give him an absentee udostovenenie.