Sergei Udaltsov - one of the brightest representatives of the opposition.He is the coordinator of the leftist organization called "Left Front" and the leader of the movement "Vanguard of Red Youth."In addition, Udaltsov coordinated by the initiative groups of Moscow - a capital movement of social activists who are struggling with the point construction and various violations of environmental laws.This opposition does not belong to any political party.

Sergei Udaltsov, was born in Moscow on February 16, 1977.He became interested in politics in the years of the student body.The 20-year-old Sergei became a member of the movement "Working Russia", headed by the Communist Viktor Anpilov.Subsequently, Udaltsov was the member of the movement.A year later he took part in the elections to th
e State Duma.However, the parliament, he did not hit, because his unit was not able to overcome the five-percent electoral threshold.

After that Udaltsov organized and led the "Vanguard of Red Youth".This movement was the youth wing of the "Labour Russia".In 2004, he broke with the political views Anpilov and "Vanguard of Red Youth" was considered a wing of the CPSU Oleg Shein.

In 2005, the opposition supported the idea of ​​creating a new movement called "Left Front".Udaltsov was actively involved in the process of its formation.In the same year, he again ran for the deputies, this time in the Moscow City Duma on the list of the Communist Party.However, the parliamentarian, he again did not.In 2007, Sergei left the ranks of the Communist Party.Since then, he is registered unaffiliated.

Recently Udaltsov was mentioned in the Russian press as a rather active participants of street opposition demonstrations that repeatedly detained by law enforcement officials.According to the most Udaltsov, its more than a hundred times detained in various demonstrations, rallies and placed under administrative detention.

He was one of the organizers of the so-called "March of millions", which was held in the Russian capital on May 6-7, 2012 and was timed to protest against Vladimir Putin's inauguration.Udaltsov was in favor of the construction of socialism in the country, but through democratization "of the bourgeois revolution."He believes that computer technology and the Internet will make direct democracy.The main enemies of Russia, he said, "plutocrats."This word implies Udaltsov small group of rich people, in whose hands is the real power.