April 29, 1997 entered into force on Chemical Weapons Convention.The participants were 188 out of 198 countries - members of the United Nations.Acceded to Egypt, Somalia, Syria, Angola and North Korea, and Israel and Myanmar have signed but not yet ratified the treaty.

presence of chemical weapons on its territory was officially recognized by the United States, Russia, South Korea, India, Iraq, Libya and Albania.Most of all hazardous substances proved that Russia and the US - 40 and 31 thousand tons respectively.

main commitments made by the participants of the Convention, a ban on the production, use of chemical weapons and the destruction of all stockpiles by April 2007.As later became clear that few people have
time to do it in time, it was extended until April 2012.

During the implementation of commitments, only three countries had a designated date.Among them are Albania (2007), Republic of Korea (2008) and India (2009).The rest of the for some reason asked for another postponement for some time.

Libya Dispose only 54% (13.5 tons) of their chemical weapons stockpiles.This causes concern to the international community, because of the civil war, control of toxic substances has been seriously weakened.In this regard, the UN Security Council last year adopted a resolution on non-proliferation in the country of such weapons.

Russia on April 29, 2012 managed to destroy only 61.9% (24,747 tonnes) available on its territory chemical weapons.The main problem of this delay is due to the fact that the rest of the waste, consisting of highly dangerous substances and overdue, should take place very carefully, because any violation of technology can lead to disaster.In addition, the elimination of chemical weapons require huge financial costs - for seven years, the country has spent this program of $ 2 million.Destroy the remnants of Russia have committed to the end of 2015.

With regard to the US, she was able to be disposed of in the prescribed period of 90% of existing chemical weapons.However, the destruction of the remaining 10% it plans to stretch until 2023.The reason is the same complexity and lack of utilization of funds.

total at the end of January 2012, the world was destroyed 50 thousand tons of chemical agents.This represents approximately 73% of all stocks.