Military conflicts and geopolitical struggle for spheres of influence - the most topical issues of the present time.After the horrors of the 2nd World War, the idea that people are still able to resolve conflicts, disputes on the battlefield, it seemed absurd.However, in the second half of the 20th century it happened many wars - from short to very protracted, large-scale.Some of them were accompanied by extraordinary ferocity warring parties and large-scale civilian casualties.Alas, in the early 21 th century, armed conflicts - the sad reality.The situation is aggravated by the fact that in many cases these conflicts occur with direct or indirect participation of
the great powers or the military-political blocs, if affected its geopolitical interesy.Naibolee illustrative examples can be considered a civil war in Syria, as well as the conflict in Ukraine, which began in November 2013year.
Of course, the likelihood of a full-scale armed conflict between, for example, Russia and NATO is small (due to the constraints in the form of thermonuclear weapons arsenals).However, this danger still exists.
very topical issue are economic crises, the problem with employment (especially among youth).And this applies even to those countries that have only recently felt very safe.For example, among the states - members of the EU, is very acute economic problems in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
In many countries of the "third world" extremely acute problems are: the chronic lack of food and clean drinking water, as well as inter-ethnic and inter-tribal feuds, high levels of crime and terrorism.This is particularly true for countries such as Somalia, Chad, Mali, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen and others.
extremely urgent problem is the overpopulation of many countries, especially given the prevailing low level of life of people.The high birth rate in these countries automatically entails a number of problems only exacerbate the already difficult situation.Examples include countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and many other countries.In some states there is a high unemployment rate, a low level of intelligence.
still very serious environmental problem.While in some countries environmental issues received much attention.Many sgorodah major problem was "aging".The proportion of older people is growing steadily, and the working-age population - shrinking, with all the attendant negative consequences.First of all, this applies to Japan and China.Finally, the acute problem is the question of health, inaccessibility of quality medical care for so many people.