According to the XII Congress of the party, its program is the President's speech Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.On the eve of the presidential elections in Russia March 4, 2012, the party "United Russia" appealed to the Russians to support its candidate - Vladimir Putin - and presented the People program, based on the proposals of more than one and a half million Russians.Presented program consists of six chapters and covers the most acute problems, hopes and aspirations grazhdan.1.The results of the coming decade and vyzovyPo opinion of the party, over the past decade have achieved a lot.Defeating separatism overcome a severe financial crisis, the country has paid the debts of the former USSR.Achieve economic stability, which identified high rates of economic growth.Lower
inflation and unemployment is gradually decreasing mortality.During the global economic crisis, Russia has not decreased, but increased the amount of social support.The party declares its readiness to take decisive action to modernize strany.2.Our tsennostiPartiya "United Russia" considers that the right answer to the new challenges can only give a morally healthy society.The strength of the country - in the spiritual richness and unity of the multinational Russian people.It is necessary to revive and strengthen these values ​​through the development of culture, collaboration with traditional religious confessions.It is necessary to actively protect the foundation of morality in the media and on the Internet.The key value is the development of the individual, the state must create all conditions.Future Russia - in its regions.People need to live well in any corner of the country.3. A worthy life for the citizens of the great Russian stranyGrazhdane must have decent salaries and pensions.The regions will be deployed construction of social housing will be established housing cooperatives.The size of pensions has been increasing steadily in recent years, will continue to grow.It is necessary to bring order to the utilities.Put in the center of public policy family.Conduct further modernize the education system.One of the priorities to make human health.To ensure a dignified life invalidam.4.Strong economy - strong growth RossiyaOsnovoy welfare and security of the country is a strong economy.Economic model of the past decades, based on the use of natural resources, has exhausted itself.We need an increase in investment, bringing the country to a new technological level of development.Private property must be protected from any attack.Priority will be given to innovation.It is necessary to conduct a fair tax policy.Create a modern living conditions in rural areas.Ensure quality and accessible transport infrastrukturu.5.Effective power controlled narodaPartiya promises to ensure the accountability of government to the people.Mechanisms will be established control over the activities of the national government in the most dangerous in terms of corruption, areas.Exactly how to equip the country should be decided by the people.6. A strong Russia in a complex mireRossiya regained its position as one of the world's strongest powers.New possibilities for the development of integration projects should give - such as the creation of the Eurasian Union.It is necessary to establish close relations with other countries, to support compatriots.The Armed Forces must undergo thorough modernization and be able to solve the whole range of possible applications.